What started as a food blog for Andrea quickly turned into sharing meals with friends over dinner and vulnerable conversations. Meeting and befriending Dubraska was the "sazón" needed to add flavor to this podcast.

We've extended our table to make room for YOU! Come sit and eat with us while we have conversations about... life and the "in between".

Everyone waits to share their redemption story but the truth is that we're all figuring life out in the "in between" season.

We're Andrea & Dubraska, a sassy duo bound to make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry...

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We believe everyone has a story to share - whether it's about faith, career, relationships, life and more! If you would like to sit at the head of our table (or volunteer a friend as tribute) to share a meal and conversation with us, fill out the form below.

Get ready to eat up and speak up! Make sure to bring your appetite and stretchy pants ;-)

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